Annual Report 2021
Corporate Governance Statement
Reporting Period Jan. 1–Dec. 31, 2021
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Election and Remuneration of the Auditor

The Company shall have one (1) auditor that has qualified as Certified Public Accountant and if the auditor is not an auditing company as defined by the law, one (1) deputy auditor shall be elected. The term of office of the auditor expires at the end of the following Annual General Meeting.

The General Meeting 2021 re-elected Ernst & Young Oy as auditor of the Company for a term of office ending at the end of the next Annual General Meeting. Ernst & Young Oy has notified that Mr. Jari Karppinen, APA, will act as responsible auditor. It was decided that the remuneration to the auditor shall be paid against the auditor´s reasonable invoice.

The auditor´s fees in 2021 amounted to EUR 89,000 (EUR 102,000 in 2020). Of the aggregate fees, EUR 79,000 was attributable to auditing (EUR 85,000 in 2020), EUR 8,000 to tax advice (EUR 15,000 in 2020), and EUR 2,000 to other services (EUR 2,000 in 2020).